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Make a Great Impression

Even if your carpet is clean and dirt-free, spills and stains give the illusion of a dull and dirty carpet. Carpet stain removal transforms your dull and dirty carpet and makes it look brand new.

With years of stain removal experience we keep your home or office cleaner, safe and more hygienice.

No longer be embarrassed at the state of your carpet. Book your carpet stain removal with our expert team at Killer Carpet Cleaning and make a great impression!

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More Than Just Stain Removal

Studies have shown that regular carpet cleaning and stain removal is one of the best ways to prevent various allergies. As dirt, dust, bacteria and dander build up in your carpet so do the toxic levels in your home. These particles are breathed in and contribute to the increased in respiratory and skin conditions such as asthma and rashes.

Regular carpet cleaning and effective stain removal can help reduce these toxins and help improve air quality. No matter the size, colour and fabric of your carpet we have the experience and passion to provide an effective cleaning solution for you!

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Carpet Stain Removal FAQs

Dirt and debris is an invisible danger that builds up deep within the carpet fibres. This is why carpet cleaning and stain removal is all the more important.

We use advanced cleaning techniques with the best equipment to ensure your carpet is rid off toxins and allergens lurking within your carpet. Read below for some helpful FAQs regarding your carpet stain removal.

Yes! Time plays a factor in how easy stains are to remove.

When accidents occur:

  • Remove excess with a vacuum or a towel
  • Blot don’t rub
  • Work from the outer edges of the stain to avoid spreading it

For more stubborn and older stains, enlist the help of Killer Carpet Cleaning – your stain removal specialists

Unfortunately, with the wrong cleaning agents, you can set the stain colour into the carpet or fabric.

For assistance, give us a call!

This depends on the amount of usage of your furniture. It is recommended to clean regularly used furniture at least once a year.

This helps prevent discoloration and stains of the fabric. Our cleaning and stain removal process is thorough, ensuring a pleasing, long-lasting result.

As stain removal experts, we understand the weaknesses of a variety of fabrics, eliminating the chance of damage

More often than not, these are not stains but spots. These are areas in the fabric that have a sticky or oily residue that attracts dirt and soil. 

A returning spot is a rare occurrence and happens when upholstery is not correctly cleaned.