Restore With Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Bring Back Your Carpet's Beauty

Carpets are a popular choice for many homeowners, with good reason. Not only is carpeting appealing to the eye and easy to walk on it is affordable to install. Carpet steam cleaning is the ideal restorative, cleaning solution that extracts ingrained dirt particles from deep within the carpet fibres. 

As we walk over them, carpets begin to build up dirt, stains and grime, eventually showing signs of wear and tear. Regular maintenance and deep cleaning are crucial in ensuring its longevity and beauty. 

At Killer Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control, we provide superior carpet cleaning that leaves your home feeling fresh, clean and sanitised. Get in touch today and find out how we can restore your carpet!

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Carpet Stain Removal

Keep your carpet looking its best with comprehensive stain removal services.


Carpet Flea Treatment

Protect your family, pets and home with reliable carpet flea treatment

Killer Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Water Damage

Prevent mold growth & save your carpet with swift water damage cleaning

Clean Carpet. Happy Home.

Enlist the help of professionals that ensures your carpet looks as good as the day it was bought. Speak to our team today.

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

What Is Best For My Carpet?

With so many options for deep cleaning your carpet, it might be tough to know which one would work best for you. Both steam cleaning and dry cleaning are effective in removing dirt, grime, pet urine, and stains from your carpet.

Where steam cleaning utilises hot, pressurised water to extract dirt, dry carpet cleaning makes use of”dry-detergents” to break down and remove dirt. This method is ideal for natural fibre carpets.

Using leading technology, our methods allow us to access deep into the fibres of carpets, rugs, and a number of other materials, to effectively remove dirt, grime and stains! Get in touch today to discuss your needs!


Unsure what carpet cleaning method is best for your carpet cleaning needs? Don’t hesitate to call and we are happy to assist and provide you with all the advice you need to make educated and informed decisions.

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Sunshine Coast Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

There’s nothing better than a freshly cleaned room. We feel happier and more productive in a clean space. Carpets are an often overlooked furnishing that can prove detrimental to both your comfort and health! As one of the biggest filters in a home, carpets play a crucial role in the air quality of a home.

Carpet steam cleaning, when done right, will remove visible and invisible dirt and allergens. Where regular carpet cleaning falls short, carpet steam cleaning shines. Using a combination of hot pressurised water and quality detergents, dirt and grime build-up is broken down and extracted via a powerful vacuum.

Heat acts as a sanitiser and works to kills most germs and bacteria. As such, Carpet steam cleaning is an ideal solution to restore the colour and beauty to your carpet while ensuring it is clean and hygienic!

Dedicated To Quality

We are dedicated to providing affordable rates and building relationships with our customers. Speak to our team today.

High-Quality Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

No one notices how much foot traffic a carpet gets until there are noticeable amounts of dirt and stains. This grit and grime can quickly damage a carpet, cutting fibres until they are thin and weak. 

Not sure if you need carpet steam cleaning? We’ve answered some burning questions below to get you started. Begin your Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning journey today!

Spot cleaning and vaccumng help remove surface dirt and gives it a fresher look. Although important, professional deep cleaning is crucial to ensuring your carpet is truly clean and free from dirt, dander and other toxins that build up over time.

Depending on the level pf activity and foot traffic it sees, it is recommended that professional Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning be done every 6 – 12 months.

Carpet cleaning can be done by yourself, however, as professionals we have the knowledge, equipment and products to effective clean your carpets with out the risk of damaging it.

Additionally, no two carpets are the same thus professional expertise is required to determine the correct products and technique needed to ensure a successful result.

No. Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is one of the most effective cleaning methods available in the industry today.

It thoroughly removes embedded debris, foul odours and stains, and is usually the preferred cleaning method by carpet manufacturers.

Our carpet cleaning methods and equipment allow us to effectively access carpet and rug fibers to remove grime, stains, odours and other contaminants.

We also provide a deodoriser and sanitiser to the carpet after we finish cleaning it, free of charge.

Although we cannot guarantee 100% stain removal, more often than not our experienced team are able to restore the fabric to new, or near-new, condition!