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Saving Your Carpet

Disasters happen. Whether it is a broken pipe, running taps or flooding, water damage can quickly ruin your possessions and promote mould growth.

If carpet water damage is left untreated, mould spores can leave unsightly marks and odour while permanently damaging your carpets.

Not only is your carpet stained, but these mould spores also increase the chance of respiratory illness.

With the help of steam and a selection of cleaning solutions, we help you save your carpet from mould growth and odour buildup. Call us today!

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Stop Mould Growth In Its Tracks

Once the mould has penetrated the carpet and expanded, it is unlikely that the damage can be reversed. However, it is usually only after prolonged exposure to moisture that the mould will reach this stage. Thus, it is essential to have your carpet cleaned and dried as fast as possibile.

Mould is well known for causing health problems and severe allergies such as asthma and inflamed skin. Prolonged exposure may result in hay fever, sore eyes, runny noses, continuous sneezing and red, itchy skin.

Eliminate mould growth and save your carpets with professional help from Killer Carpet Cleaning. With decades of experience, we are your local carpet cleaning experts.

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Carpet Water Damage FAQs

The first area affected by water damage is your flooring. For homes with carpets, this can be especially problematic. Mould growth is increased and can be a breeding ground for bacteria that pose a direct threat to your health.

Read below for more water damage and mould FAQs.

Mould is a fungus that can grow on materials like leather upholstery, wood, cardboard and carpets. Mould thrives in damp, wet environments where they can grow quickly. 

Mould may seem like a harmless nuisance, however they can trigger serious allergies and health problems such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes and coughing. 

Professional carpet cleaning involves diagnosing the problem, cleaning and ventilating the area while identifying the cause of dampness.

Killer Carpet cleaning are industry experts who help you remove and clean water damaged carpets.

Mould grows in the presence of water and moisture, and is further promoted when carpets are kept in poorly ventilated rooms. 

Mould grows on carpets as they are excellent at trapping moisture. Unless you are actively trying to dry your carpet, a wet carpet will stay wet.

Yes, there are several home remedies and products for carpet water damage. However, if used improperly, these remedies and products can easily damage and stain your carpet further.

It is recommended that you employ the help of carpet cleaning specialists to help you successfully removed mould and clean water damaged carpets.