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Ignoring dirt and dust on your upholstery and furniture allows these residues to settle and eventually crush fabric fibres, creating a dull flattened look.

Regular cleaning and restoration is effective for removing blemishes and imperfections and ensuring stains don’t set and become permanent.

Upholstery cleaning and restoration need to be approached with care as fabric can be easily damaged if not handled with care.

Whether its an antique couch, an office chair or a stylish retro piece, we ensure your favourite furniture looks its best.

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Hidden bacteria can cause adverse health implications Upholstered surfaces naturally collect pollutants and allergens.

We help you remove dust, dirt and odor from pets, smoking, cooking and even air pollution. Proper cleaning services not only prologues the life of your furniture but also reduces allergies caused by dust, dead skin and bacteria!

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Furniture Restoration FAQs

Don’t assume your furniture is faded and worn beyond repair. More often than not, professional cleaning is all you needed to restore the overall colour and texture of your fabric.

Below are some frequently asked questions on upholstery cleaning and furniture restoration.

Over time, dirt, dust, bacteria and pet dander will build up and get trapped in upholstery fabric. This often leads to allergies and respiratory issues. 

Professional cleaning is more thorough than at-home cleaning products ensuring your furniture is clean and odor-free!

Regular spot cleaning, dusting and vacuuming is crucial to the cleanliness of your upholstery. Surface cleaning can go a long way in the maintenance of your furniture.

Depending on how much use your furniture sees, it is also recommended to have a professional, deep-clean at least once or twice a year.

Upholstery requires gentler handling and specific cleaning techniques.

Additionally, too much water can cause bacteria and mold to develop on upholstery fabric, releasing unpleasant scents and causing the fabric to deteriorate faster.

This often occurs when the cleaning agent are not fully extracted from the furniture. 

At Killer Carpet, our experts extract these residues after cleaning, ensuring dirt and stains do not re-emerge.