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Leather furnishings can liven any room and are a sound investment when choosing furniture. Often more costly than standard upholstery types, leather can last a long time when cared for properly.

Protect your leather and extend the lifetime of leather furniture with our professional leather cleaning services.

We have extensive experience leather, upholstery and carpet cleaning and provide our services to residents and businesses across the Sunshine Coast.

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Cleaning leather furniture with regular cleaning products, baby wipes or even washing up liquid build up over time and eventually start to destroy the finish of the leather. Not long after, the leather will begin to crack – damage that is irreversible.

Prevent this from happening to your leather furniture by employing experienced leather cleaning services. Regular cleaning, protection and advice for proper care can extend the life of your leather furniture, restore it’s form and appearance, and protect it from wear. By maintaining your leather furniture, you protect your investment and avoid costly replacements that are not often of the same quality.

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Leather Cleaning FAQs

The longevity of your leather furniture is determined by how well you look after it. Proper cleaning and care can see leather furniture used for decades, as the superior quality material is durable, stylish and comfortable.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about leather and leather cleaning. For more info, advice or cleaning services, contact our team.

Yes, leather furniture can crack if not properly cared for.

If your leather furniture is exposed to a lot of sun, dry air, or if you use incorrect cleaning agents, your leather may start to crack.

It’s best to keep any leather furniture indoors. Outside, the harsh environment may quicken the deterioration of your leather furniture.

This depends on how often the furniture is used. Ideally, you should lightly vacuum leather furniture every three to six months to remove crumbs, dirt, dust and other debris. Any spills should be wiped immediately.

Professional cleaning should be carried out regularly, depending on the use and state of your furniture. Our team can also restore leather, which is more in-depth than cleaning.

Leather shows wear over time. Indentations or creases, immovable greasy marks or a general worse-for-wear appearance may be signs that your leather furniture needs professional cleaning.

There are different types of leather, and different types of cleaning products, and the two do not always pair well.

Our cleaning experts know which products are best and most effective when cleaning your unique leather type, ensuring lasting protection and a revived look.

Water can cause leather to shrink and leave stains. It’s best to avoid letting your leather furniture come into contact with water and instead employ professional leather cleaning services when your furniture needs to be cleaned.