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We spend one-third of our entire lives asleep, and though we may not want to acknowledge it, our mattresses can contain all sorts of bacteria, bugs, dirt, and grime. By cleaning your mattress, you remove these harmful contaminants from your mattress.

A clean mattress correlates with better sleep, and can even help with health issues like allergies, hay fever, sneezing, and other sinus problems.

Restore your mattress and enjoy improved sleep in a healthier environment with our professional mattress cleaning services.

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Mattress Cleaning and Care

Maintain Your Mattress

Your mattress contains all types of materials, most of which can be harmful to you if left unchecked over time. Bacteria, bed bugs, dead skin and dust are just some of the pollutants that can build up within your mattress over time. If you find your sinus clogging up around bed time or when you wake up in the morning, your mattress may need professional cleaning.

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Mattress Cleaning FAQs

Many people do not regularly clean their mattress – if once at all during the time they own it. However, if you consider the amount of sweat, skin cells, dirt and other materials enter your bed, it’s clear that deep-cleaning your mattress is necessary and beneficial.

Changing your bed linen and vacuuming your mattress only helps with dirt and pollutants on the surface. Professional mattress cleaning will deeply cleanse into the layers of the mattress, effectively removing any dirt, grime and bacteria.

You should opt to regularly change linen, comforters or blankets, and pillows to ensure your bedroom is always as hygienic as possible.

Professional cleaning should be undertaken regularly, every 3-6 months.

Cleaning time depends on the size of the mattress and whether we will steam or dry clean it. Steam cleaning requires an additional hour or two for drying, thereafter which you are free to make your bed and sleep comfortably in a cleaner environment.

Traditional vacuums are not powerful enough to remove the resilient materials embedded into the fibers of your mattress. They are also incapable of properly cleaning and sanitising the mattress.

Some mattresses can be flipped over and slept on either side. This function is mostly useful for preventing ‘sleeping wells’, which develop when you sleep in the same spot each night.

Flipping your mattress will not clean it or prevent it from dirtying over time.