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Pest Control Noosa - closeup of a pest nest in roof beams

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Despite its beauty and bustle, Noosa is home to a number of unwanted pests. Although many pests are harmless, other pests such as termites and spiders pose significant health and safety risks. This makes regular pest control in Noosa crucial.

Killer Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control deliver effective pest control services to customers in Noosa and across the Sunshine Coast. As a trusted pest control company, we help you eliminate cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, rodents and more!

Pest infestations are an age-old problem! But this doesn’t need an age-old solution. Killer Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control provide homeowners, tenants and business owners with modern, effective and safe pest control solutions.

Pest Control Noosa - closeup of a pest nest in roof beams

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If you’ve ever experienced a pest infestation before, it can be difficult to spot the signs of a pest problem. Pests like dark, warm, and damp environments, such as behind walls and under floors. For many properties, this is where pests have found their way in and caused thousands of dollars in damages before owners realise they have a problem!

If left untreated, a pest infestation can quickly grow complex and difficult to eliminate. Thus, the earlier a pest infestation is found, diagnosed and treated, the more effective treatment will be. 

Signs of a pest infestation includes:

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While it is tempting to try and deal with a pest infestation yourself it is not recommended to do so. Do it yourself remedies may provide temporary relief, but only professionally trained pest specialists are able to treat the root of the problem. This, then, ensures long term pest protection.

We understand that a pest infestation is not a once-off occurrence. Pest control is an ongoing process that takes skills and expertise to successfully treat. Decades of vast experience has enabled us to help customers with pest problems of all sizes!

No two customers are alike. Killer Carpet works with you to create a personalised treatment plan according to your needs and pest infestation, giving you the best chance of remaining pest free!


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We don’t believe in shortcuts. we utilise thorough and advanced techniques to provide the best services for you, your family and your business.

Pest Control Services In Noosa

Pest Control FAQs

Having unwanted pests in your home is never a pleasant experience! Infestations can cause a lot of worry and stress about the damage and health hazards they may bring. Killer Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control are here to help!

As pest control specialists, we get a lot of questions about pest removal, control, treatment and management options. We’ve put together a handy guide to answer all your burning questions. Have we missed something? Give us a call, and we’re happy to assist!

Some pest problems can be effectively treated with common supermarket or store-bought products. It largely depends on the type of pest, though ants, cockroaches and even rodents can be deterred through commercially available remedies, if done properly.

We advise partnering with our professional team for long-term solutions to pest control and infestation problems, as well as for safe implementation of pest control and prevention methods.

Our methods are completely safe for you, your family and your furry loved ones. Our team is fully trained and licensed, providing safe and effective pest control services along the Sunshine Coast.

When treating an area for pests, we take every precaution and consider allergies, solution drying time and how long to avoid the treatment area for, and provide you and your family with all of the information you may need.

Rain can pose a problem when treating your home or office for pests, as the treatment area can be washed of the newly laid chemicals.

We assess how effectively we will be able to apply the treatment if it is raining on the day we are scheduled to visit your premises for pest treatment. If inclement weather poses too much of a risk, we will reschedule the appointment for another day that suits you.

Although we use safe products, we advise our clients to put away any food or edible materials if our team will be implementing pest treatment near or in your kitchen.

Our methods and products are safe, so there is no need for you to leave the premises while we get to work. The technician heading out to assist would also benefit from meeting with you to discuss the problem area, as well as any other areas of concern.

Bugs will always find their way into your home. However, after implementing pest treatment with the right types of chemicals, the bugs that do enter your house will die soon after. We use non-toxic, residual treatments for long-lasting protection.

None of the chemicals or methods we use will leave visible traces, apart from a slight wetness. It’s best to let the residue dry, avoid washing the area and, if you should touch the chemicals, simply wash your hands with normal hand soap.

Killer Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control also offer carpet cleaning and stain removal services, for any marks or stains you may be struggling with currently!

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